Carousel Casino is a casino that has a carousel in the middle of it.

Carousel Casino Review – Is it a Scam?

Carousel is a casino located in Brussels, Belgium. As a result, it is required to go by the rules enacted by the Belgian government, which are highly strict in terms of what a casino can and cannot do in terms of what it is permitted to do. Category B licensed casino, for example, meaning that it can only provide dice-based games such as slots and cannot offer any other kind of games. This will seem unusual to players who are not from Belgium, but it will make perfect sense to players who are from the nation, since this is what they are used to. After all, this site is targeted to players from Belgium, so it makes sense to them.

Aside from the many dice-based games to choose from, this site offers a variety of different games that do not need the use of dice and may be enjoyed in order to give some reprieve from the nonstop spinning of dice-themed slots. There are virtual racing games, for example, as well as card games. You may also play roulette if you want to complete the picture of a casino that, although not entirely comprehensive in the perspective of players from other nations, should be more than acceptable for Belgian gamblers.

Carousel Information

The Belgian Gaming Commission is in charge of licensing and regulating Carousel. A real-world casino in Hulste is connected to the company’s online casino, which makes it one of the first of its kind to be awarded a gaming license. Creating an account at Carousel is simple and fast, and once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to take advantage of the extra cash that is provided as a reward for participating. It is completely legal for Belgians to play on our site since it is licensed by the Belgian Gaming Commission. All games are played with the aid of a random number generator, which guarantees that fairness is maintained at all times.

While Carousel excels in terms of fairness, it does not do as well in other aspects of the game of chance. As an example, it seems to have abandoned its social media outlets, with its Facebook page having been abandoned a few months ago and its Twitter account following in the footsteps of the former. Because both channels seem to be gaining momentum and have amassed a fair following, this is puzzling to say the least. In any event, if you want assistance from customer service, you may do it via the website by submitting a support request.

A Wide Selection of Banking Services

Carousel accepts a wide variety of deposit methods, all of which are fair. You may pay with a Bancontact card or a Visa card using the HIPAY wallet. You may also make a bank transfer via Dexia Direct Net, or you can use MasterCard in the same way. Finally, there is Paysafecard, which is a prepaid card option that is quite popular at online gambling establishments. A direct credit card deposit is not possible in Belgium because to the tight restrictions controlling gambling in the country. As a result, credit card deposits must be made via an intermediate account such as the ones mentioned above. In spite of the fact that there is a FAQ section on the site, it does not include any information on withdrawals, making it difficult to determine how long cash will take to clear into your account or even what withdrawal methods are available to you.

Bonus Delivery on the Carousel

When you sign up for an account at Carousel, you can take advantage of a first deposit incentive of up to €500. This looks to be a bonus of one hundred percent. In addition, there is a €10 welcome bonus that you can earn just by registering with the casino website. This free money may be used to play a variety of games on the site, including as cards and roulette, with no restrictions. Carousel also offers a customer loyalty program known as the Diamond Club. Every deposit you make earns you points, which you can then exchange for extra cash later on. And last, when your buddy registers up and makes their first deposit via our referral program, you will be given €25.

Dice Games are a great way to pass the time.

It is not so much because Belgians have a fascination with dice-based gambling that they are the most popular games on the site as it is that dice-based gambling is one of the few forms of betting that are permitted to them in their country. At Carousel, you may play basic dice games in which the goal is to match three dice symbols that are either horizontally or diagonally next to each other. It’s as easy as that: match them and you’ll win. These are essentially the same as the kinds of scratch cards or micro games that you would find at other gambling establishments. Although there is no talent required, it is still possible to win enormous amounts of money with a little luck.

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